Good Morning Guys. Thank you for checking out last weeks blog post and all of you who were excited about me revealing and showing the new Footlocker EU flagship store in Marble Arch London.

Today we are going to be recapping on what I have been blogging about the last couple of weeks just so you guys really understand what I am trying to do.


So my 1st blog post was about Why Work At Footlocker EU if you Love Sneakers check out the full blog here:

In this post I am really trying to let you know that if you have a love for footwear as a whole you should look at a career at Footlocker EU. Footlocker EU are currently looking for people that love Sneakers and want to build careers in Footlocker, people who are passionate about the products they sell that want to have longevity in the company so if you fit that profile which I am sure you do please click here: and search for available opportunities.

My 2nd blog post was about What Successful Candidates do when they get accepted into the Footlocker family, check out the full blog here:

In this blog I also breakdown the length of time it takes each candidate to progress through the ranks providing they are passionate and determined to work hard, doors and opportunities will open up for you.

My 3rd blog post was about The Culture of Footlocker EU check out the full blog here:

As a company how they treat their staff and how working for Footlocker EU will help build your life outside the company, the aim of this blog was to show you guys that Footlocker EU is not just a part time role and working there is really family orientated, and we all want to work somewhere we feel part of the family no?

The purpose of all of the above blogs are to really to show you a different side and outside perspective of working within Footlocker EU as a company. Next week we will be speaking to someone who has worked through the ranks of the company and has developed a nice career quite quickly please tune in next week for that…

But in the mean time I hope you feel inspired and motivated to see Footlocker EU as a career choice and if so don’t forget to visit: and see all the latest listings.

Happy Hunting…

Franklin aka @KingOfTrainers

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