Hello Guys welcome back to another blog post in partnership with Footlocker EU and Footwear Jobs. Thank you again to all of you who read the post last week where we talked about “What Successful Candidates Do? What did you get from it? Please feel free to email me your thoughts and questions to:

Ok so this week we are going to discuss The Culture Of Footlocker? What do I mean by culture you ask? Well let me break it down… What Is Culture? …

Culture Definition. Noun.

“The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”

So what is the culture of footlocker when you work there?

Let me set the scenario, think of being employed at Footlocker like this… You are being welcomed into an extended family and that family really wants to help you develop all your skills, that make you become a better person in life, not just by working for Footlocker but in your non-work life also. The culture and ideologies of Footlocker are really to enable you to aid yourself, by doing so they benefit by having a motivated team, this is really what drives the company and this is part of Footlocker’s employment culture. If you are enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated you will be rewarded and rewarded greatly because you will show Footlocker that you are capable of moving up to that next stage within the company and if you are an existing Footlocker employee and would like to know how these things can be done ask your Manager what can be done and what area of learning or assessment needs to be completed before you can move forward.

What you also have to realise is that Footlocker as a company, want you to stay with them, they really don’t want people to come and go as it doesn’t benefit them and in-turn it doesn’t benefit you! Like I said earlier, you are part of a family and do you really want to leave your family after 3-6 months? We all know that when you work for a company for a couple of years you may want to leave, try new horizons but with that said if you commit and say “I’m here for the long run” you could be running the division or country or even head of Europe, look at Nick Jones. Who you may ask? He is the VP & GM Foot Locker Europe after working from shop floor. You are now starting to hear that it is possible but ultimately you need to see it… So next week we are going to have a case study of someone who has done exactly that, worked all the way up through Footlocker, what they had to deal with and overcome. Also don’t forget to check out my Instagram I will be showing you guys a sneak peak of the store location of the new central London flagship on Oxford Circus / Marble Arch. Footlocker are looking for hungry people to fill multiple positions there right now please visit or click the links below.

Happy Hunting…

Franklin aka @KingOfTrainers

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