Hello and welcome to another blog in partnership with Footlocker EU and FootwearJobs.co.uk.

So last week we spoke about Why You Should Work At Footlocker If You Love Sneakers? Thank you to the hundreds of you who read the post and watched the video and the few of you who sent me a DM and CVs. Today we are going to talk about what successful candidates do when working at Footlocker EU.


What I really want to let you guys know is how quickly you can advance through the ranks at Footlocker, don’t just see a footwear retailer like Footlocker as just a place where you work for a couple of months and leave if you are looking for a career.

Once you complete your application online at www.sneakerjobs.com take the assessment only once and pass with flying colours get invited to the interview, impress your interviewee and POW you have a job as a sales associate working on the shop floor serving customers. But wait that’s not it!! If you have the passion, determination and commitment to work hard and learn the culture of Footlocker, within 6-9 months you could work your way up to becoming a shift leader, within 9-18 months you can be an Assistant Manager and within 18-24 months you can become a Manager in training*

So guys you can see that if you are serious and really want to have a career with good future prospects within 2 years you could be a Store Manager. Now that’s what I call fast progression.   I am not just saying it because of this partnership with Footlocker guys, I have been to the EHQ and they really celebrate their staff and if you like to be celebrated (Lol we all do, who doesn’t ) then make sure you go for it, I mean really go for it.

Finally guys I am pleased to announce that Footlocker EU have so many new opportunities in the UK and are ready to open two major stores one in Liverpool and one in Oxford Street, London and we here @FootwearJobs are giving you the heads up and direct access to all the open applications visit: www.SneakersJobs.com or see all direct links to both stores below.

Next week we will be discussing the culture of Footlocker so please come back and tune in for that but make sure you visit www.footwearjobs.co.uk for the latest opportunities in the Footwear Industry.

Happy Hunting…

Franklin aka @KingOfTrainers


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